Pizza terrorífica para Halloween

Pizza terrorífica para Halloween

6 October 2018 Off By HaberKaraman

The most dreaded day of the year for youngsters is drawing closer, Halloween is coming!

We as of now need to go pondering the ensembles, the design of the house and furthermore the menu … That is the reason we urge you to put the cook’s garment to the little ones and instruct them to make these fun and delectable pizzas with the subject of Halloween.

You require:

Pizza base

Mozzarella – cut ​​and scratched

Common tomato sauce

Wiener – Sausages, salami, ham


Hands-on work with the most youthful of the family:

First we need to spread the batter over a shape to put in stove utilizing vegetable paper.

Pre warm the stove to 180ºC

We spread the tomato sauce all through the mixture with a brush or the back of a soup spoon.

Presently comes the imaginative part: we cut the mixture into triangles, square shapes or circles as per the creature we need to play on pizza. (The least demanding thing is to cut square shapes)

At that point we appropriate the cheddar at first glance giving the shape we need to the segments as should be obvious in the photographs … We give some last contacts with the olives to put eyes or make creepy crawlies and we utilize the hotdogs to make the hair or the teeth.

Lastly we present the segments in the broiler for 10-15 minutes with the goal that the cheddar liquefies and the mixture is made a bit. (We suggest a grown-up in charge of this part)

Prepared! You have super pizzas that will terrify in excess of one …