Facebook Api Gender cinsiyet bulma özelliği

2 October 2018 Off By HaberKaraman

Finding Gender on a Name

You can use the Twitter api gender discovery program by name on the Internet and find the results you are looking for.
If You Have Both Women And Men
Gender determination by name is determined by social media status such as instagram api gender Api . What is curious is how the results will result if both female and male names are present. In this case, which country is searched will be looked at. However, this will be a realistic result. For example, in the USA, the name Andrea is an unisex name and it is used only for women in Germany. It’s for men in Italy.
How the Program Works

Twitter is a subscriber system with no instagram api gender or social media. Use of credit is provided. There is also free use for everyone, but there is 100 credits and one day validity period. Fifty-one payment is required for those who want to use longer term. There are packages in the form of start Up, Basic, Popular and Large- X large, depending on the packages to be purchased. The loan amount varies according to the packages. The program can be considered as long term.
How Data is Supplied
The provision of data in the facebook api gender system is ensured to ensure the highest accuracy. Information from different sources is combined with controls, and government resources are also used. Based on these, facebook api is made in social media-based searches such as gender and merging is carried out. All registered names are authenticated and then transferred to users. You can use the purchased program safely in this respect.