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2 October 2018 Off

Easy and great garment conversions for the weekend

By HaberKaraman

Long gone are the times that took so much time going through all the clothes you have, so you can throw away the ones you no longer wear

Most Creative Craft Ideas

24 September 2018 Off


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11 November 2018 Off

Feminine touches from the 2018 Oaks Day

By HaberKaraman

Scroll through our favourite details from the day

31 October 2019 Off

Neurosurgery in Germany – priority to precision and sparing brain tissue

By HaberKaraman

Neurosurgical procedures typically pursue two aims. The first one is destroying a pathological locus in the cerebral tissue (for instance, a tumor or metastasis, arteriovenous malformation). The second is sparing the surrounding healthy brain. Only a combination of these two requirements guarantees the desired result of the surgery and smooth postoperative period.

30 October 2019 Off

Ameliyatsız popo kaldırma estetiği

By HaberKaraman

Estetik görünüme önem veren kadınların farklı sebeplerle popo görünümünden memnun olmamaları, onları popo kaldırma estetik operasyonlarına yöneltiyor. Peki, popo kaldırma operasyonu ameliyatsız yapılabilir mi?